Zero sexual relations without consent

Let’s be clear: sexual relations without consent constitute sexual assault. Sexual assault is any unwanted act imposed by one person or a group of people on another person without their consent. These acts violate the sexual and moral integrity of the person who was subjected to the act. Regardless of the context, sexual assault is never acceptable and most importantly, is never the victim’s fault.

It is still painfully present in our society: 30% of women aged 15 and older state that they have been subjected to sexual assault at least once. 9 victims out of 10 are women, girls and young women between the ages of 15 and 24 represent the age group most affected by these assaults.

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Understanding leads to change

Anyone can be a victim of non-consensual sexual relations. Sexual violence occurs in all walks of life, in any age group, and in any environment.

Educating and raising awareness about consent is a major challenge, since 55% of Canadians do not fully understand the notion of consent as it pertains to sexual relations. For reference, consent is expressed in different ways. It can be verbal or non-verbal, it must be ongoing, voluntary and informed. During sexual activity, a person can agree to some actions and refuse their consent to others. Partners can change their minds at any moment. Any form of abuse, use of force or threat invalidates a person’s consent.

The YWCA Montreal’s solutions

Acting against all forms of gender-based violence is at the heart of YWCA Montreal’s activities. We offer different awareness-raising, prevention and support programs and tools.

For example, our Youth Services go to educational institutions to work with youth and educational professionals to discuss topics such as developing healthy relationships,consent, issuesrelated to sexual and gender-based violenceand any other topic that helps them identify risky situations, support their peers and know how to respond to a disclosure of violence.

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By donating, you allow YWCA Montreal to take action in schools, with youth and their intervention workers, to raise their awareness of gender inequality. 


In Quebec, 42% of online hate is based on sexism and misogyny. Like elsewhere in the world, systemic online violence ...
Housing is the cornerstone of stability and reintegration, yet many women struggle to find decent housing at an affordable price.
Violence against women, also called sexist violence, is, for the most part, gender-based violence.

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Nadia est parvenue à quitter son conjoint après plusieurs années de violence conjugale.

Pendant cette période noire, elle a interrompu sa carrière et perdu son autonomie financière. Elle a dû repartir de zéro : trouver un endroit sécuritaire où vivre, rebâtir sa confiance en elle, reconstruire des liens sociaux et professionnels, comprendre ses droits pour pouvoir affronter son ex-compagnon en Cour

Grâce au toit sécuritaire et aux divers services dont elle a bénéficié au Y des femmes de Montréal, Nadia ose aujourd’hui croire qu’un futur sans violence, sans discrimination, sans inégalité est possible pour elle.