Zero problems for women to access housing

Housing is the cornerstone of stability and reintegration, yet many women struggle to find decent housing at an affordable price. Montreal’s housing crisis has hit them hard. Because their income is lower than that of men, because they are at the head of more than 80% of single-parent families, and because they live to be older than men and live alone longer, close to five times more women spend more than 30% of their income on housing than men do.

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Finding housing: a major challenge

This increased housing insecurity faced by women has repercussions on their financial autonomy, their well-being and that of their children, and their mental health. “How will I pay my rent?” “How will I find decent housing for myself and my kids?” “What will I do if lose my housing?” These are so many questions women in precarious situations ask themselves daily.

Women are more likely to live in unsuitable housing. 28% of women-led households in Canada are in core housing need. The situation is even more critical for women who are young, older, immigrant, racialized, or Indigenous. The same applies to women who are single parents or who have a disability. In addition to having to spend a large portion of their budget on housing, they must deal with situations of blatant discrimination.

The YWCA Montreal’s solutions

For women who have had to resort to emergency housing or are dealing with major challenges, our housing services provide them with the opportunity to regain stability and their health. A broad range of workshops, discussions, and personal development activities designed by a multidisciplinary team encourage these women to undergo a social reintegration process.

In addition to the other programs and support services we offer, there is also a legal Information clinic that helps women tenants better understand their rights and possible resources available to them. Housing law is one of the primary areas of consultation among the clinic’s clients.

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By donating, you are making it possible for YWCA Montreal to help women on their journey to social reintegration and towards stable and safe housing.


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Nadia est parvenue à quitter son conjoint après plusieurs années de violence conjugale.

Pendant cette période noire, elle a interrompu sa carrière et perdu son autonomie financière. Elle a dû repartir de zéro : trouver un endroit sécuritaire où vivre, rebâtir sa confiance en elle, reconstruire des liens sociaux et professionnels, comprendre ses droits pour pouvoir affronter son ex-compagnon en Cour

Grâce au toit sécuritaire et aux divers services dont elle a bénéficié au Y des femmes de Montréal, Nadia ose aujourd’hui croire qu’un futur sans violence, sans discrimination, sans inégalité est possible pour elle.