Fundraising campaign
violence towards
women and girls

Our objective is ambitious  : ZERO !

Yes. Zero. As in zero violence against women and girls, zero problems for women to access housing, zero sexual relations without consent, and zero cyberharassment of women and girls.

Help us reach Objective Zero

78% of domestic violence victims are women.

At the YWCA, we offer support groups, legal information and employability services.

In this way, women can regain their independence and break the cycle of violence.

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42% of online hate is based on sexism and misogyny.

Each year at the YWCA we work with thousands of youth and intervention workers in schools, raising their awareness about issues of (cyber)harassment and healthy and egalitarian relationships.

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Almost 9 out of 10 victims of sexual violence are women or girls.

At the YWCA, we raise awareness about the notions of equality and consent among youth in schools, CEGEPs and universities.

In addition, we develop tools for intervention workers in educational settings to help them better prevent and deal with sexual violence.

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Close to 5X more women than men put more than 30% of their income towards housing.

At the YWCA, we offer a safe space and psychosocial support to women needing time and security to regain their stability and autonomy.

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It takes more than zero to get violence and inequality down to zero.

For your sister, your mother, your daughter, your friend, your employee, your colleague… For all the women and girls supported by YWCA Montreal…

Help us reach Objective Zero

Nadia’s story

Nadia managed to leave her partner after several years of domestic violence.

During this dark period, she had to interrupt her career and lost her financial independence. She had to start from scratch: find a safe place to live, rebuild her self-confidence, rebuild her social and professional connections, understand her rights so she could face her ex-partner in court. 

Thanks to a safe living space and the various services she benefited from at the YWCA Montreal, Nadia is now ready to believe that her future will be one without violence, discrimination or inequality.

Each year, we help thousands of women and girls like Nadia.

Our multi-service offerings include:

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Who are We?

YWCA Montreal has been providing support to women, girls and gender-diverse persons in the Greater Montreal area for the past 148 years. With our multi-service offerings, we help participants get reestablished, and develop their self-confidence and autonomy.

The mission of YWCA Montreal is to act to build an egalitarian, inclusive and non-violent society.

The Women’s Y Foundation helps YWCA Montreal fulfil its mission to build a better future for women, girls, and their families.

The Y Foundation is a key ally in ensuring the financial support and visibility of YWCA Montreal and contributes towards positioning YWCA Montreal as a benchmark for the development of women and girls, helping them contribute to society to the best of their abilities.

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Nadia est parvenue à quitter son conjoint après plusieurs années de violence conjugale.

Pendant cette période noire, elle a interrompu sa carrière et perdu son autonomie financière. Elle a dû repartir de zéro : trouver un endroit sécuritaire où vivre, rebâtir sa confiance en elle, reconstruire des liens sociaux et professionnels, comprendre ses droits pour pouvoir affronter son ex-compagnon en Cour

Grâce au toit sécuritaire et aux divers services dont elle a bénéficié au Y des femmes de Montréal, Nadia ose aujourd’hui croire qu’un futur sans violence, sans discrimination, sans inégalité est possible pour elle.